Showcase "The Best" In Your Community

Showcase The Best In Your Community

Generate a buzz! Let your community cast their votes for the best businesses, events, and more with VoterFly.

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Branded and themed for your organization, the platform gets attention from a broad audience.


VoterFly is a high-traffic site. Turn those visitors into customers.


Whether it's through ad purchases, event ticket sales or customer aquisition, we drive revenue.

We're VoterFly -

Nice to Meet You!

We're an online platform that allows organizations to run their very own "Best Of" race for their community.

What is a "Best Of" Race?
This is an online poll that your organization hosts allowing community members to vote for the businesses, events, individuals, etc. that they feel are "The Best" in any number of categories you define.

Voting duration, requirements for participation, site theme and more are all customizable.

Why Run a Race?

Why should you have a "Best Of" race?

We get it - it needs to make sense for your audience, the contenders and the voters, but it also needs to make sense for your organization. There are many advantages for an organization running a "Best Of".

Organization Exposure

Increase awareness / brand recognition for your organization.


Full access to the contender database. Turn leads into customers.

Ad Sales

Our system comes ready with predefined ad space you can sell. Proceeds are paid to your organization.

New Customers

Gain new membership by encouraging contenders to join.

Announcement Event

Announce the winners at an event for additional revenue and engagement.

Audience Engagement

Keep your audience engaged with your organization.

App Screenshots & Examples

VoterFly works on mobile, tablet and desktops

Best of Categories Screenshot
Vote for the Best Pizza Screenshot
Giano's Pizza Screenshot
Nominate a Contender Screenshot
Vote for Us Flyer Screenshot
Vote for the Best Pizza Screenshot
Giano's Pizza Screenshot
Nominate a Contender Screenshot
Vote for Us Flyer Screenshot

Our Clients & Partners

Our client's put their trust in us to make sure their "Best Of" race is a success.


2019 Best of Orangevale

Joint hosted by the Orangevale View and the Orangevale Chamber of Commerce, the "2019 Best of Orangevale" race was the first year using VoterFly.

The race amassed over 21,000 votes across 500 contenders, an increase of over 4 times the engagement of the prior year.

In addition to engagement, the Orangevale Chamber of Commerce was able to acquire new membership through communication and leads via VoterFly website.

(video used with permission and courtesy of Orangevale Live)

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